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Welcome to The Browning Society

Registered Charity No: 269771


Thanks to all those who attended the annual wreath-laying ceremony in Poets' Corner on 7th December. The Browning Society thanks the Dean and his capable staff for all the help they provided in making this year's ceremony truly unique. We are especially grateful for the Dean's kind invitation to hold the reception in Jerusalem Chamber.

Thanks also to the Bishop of London for his moving tribute to the poet. And thanks to all those on the Committee who made the event the great success it was.


About us

The Browning Society was formed in 1969 to provide a focus for contemporary interest in Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The Society arranges an annual programme of lectures, visits, etc., in London and elsewhere, as well as publishing the Journal of Browning Studies. The aims of the Society are to widen the appreciation and understanding of the poetry of the Brownings, and other Victorian writers and poets, and to collect items of literary and biographical interest. For an account of The Browning Society formed during the poet's lifetime, see William S. Peterson's Interrogating the Oracle: A History of the London Browning Society (Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 1969).

Membership of the Society is open to all. The Society's activities centre on London and the South East, but members who live elsewhere in Britain and overseas are kept in touch through the journal and regular interchanges of news and information. In addition to activities and events in England, the Browning Society supports the efforts of the Friends of Casa Guidi to restore and maintain the Brownings' home in Florence, Italy.

Help needed

We are pleased to announce that Jim Smith has kindly agreed to be Secretary. We extend a warm welcome to him as Secretary and thank him for his willingness to take on this role. However, we sill need someone to assume the role of Treasurer.

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the Society's accounts in order, banking subscriptions and other receipts and handling a few payments as required. The Treasurer also prepares the annual statement of accounts for the Annual General Meeting, as well as the annual report to the Charity Commission. If you would like to help or know someone who might be interested in helping with either of these positions, please contact Scott Lewis:

Upcoming Events

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Save the dates

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The Revd Canon Stephen Evans

Mrs Elaine Baly
Robert Browning Esq.
Norman Collings Esq.
The Revd Clive Dunnico
Dr Philip Kelley

Jim Smith Esq.


Committee Members:
Dr Simon Avery
Robert F. Browning Esq.
Norman Collings Esq.
Dr Scott Lewis
Michael Meredith Esq.
Dr Joe Phelan
Jim Smith Esq.